Welcome to Four Star Enterprises

Four Star Enterprises, incorporated in 1984, as a one stop Product and Solution Provider in industrial instrumentation, process automation, data acquisition, monitoring and control. 

As a Partnership/Distributorship with well renowned manufacturers, we supply high quality, certified products, which are reliable, durable for your specific industry needs. For smarter and more interconnected operations, we also deliver IIoT-ready solutions to be a complete industrial IoT security and reliable process automation.

Being a One Stop Product and Solution provider, we deliver user oriented services and solutions to various industries such as Manufacturing, Automotive, Building Automation, Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Packaging, Power & Utilities, Transportation, Food & Beverage Processing, Pulp and Paper, Agricultural and Forestry, etc,.

With exceptional customer service, effective technical solutions, high quality certified products in competitive pricing, we strive to be a partner of choice for your organization, improving your business efficiency, productivity and profitability.





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