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BA9624B Bargraph Indicator

  • Multipurpose inputs for 0/4..20 mA and 0..10 V DC
  • Bargraph with 30 segments red, yellow or green
  • programmable
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • Integrated integrated 3-digit display red, free adjustable in
  • the range -99..999 Digit
  • Increasing or decreasing trend indication
  • Bargraph or dot operation
  • Display time 0.01..10 s programmable

SB-6000 Series Bar-graphic indicator by Shinho system

  • This instrument adopts an SMPS, so a user can use the any power without power selection S/W operation.
  • An operator can change the FND scale freely. (FND scale function)
  • Alarm dead band function.
  • Self-diagnosis error message display.
  • Wide angle view.
  • 2 or 4 point alarm (HH/H, H/L, LL/L)(HH/H/L/LL)
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