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MS332 Speed and Direction Indicator

  • Compatibleto use with all AC and DC variable speed drives
  • Foradvanced motor control solutions requiring precise control of speed and angularposition
  • AutoTeach Function:

-Automatically calculates precise speed ratio between the lead and the followersystems during setup

-Potentially reduce setup time

  • MachineTrending Feature:
  • constantlymeasures the machine's pulse per index values
  • adjuststhe speed to keep the machine running in phase
  • Compensatesfor system imperfections, i.e., machine wear, product deviation, etc.
  • EightOptically Isolated Inputs

-One dedicated to Run/Stop

-Seven for user selectable control modes and options

  • 4Programmable NPN Open Collector Outputs - For alarm and status indication
  • 115/230VAC Supply
  • Key pad/Display features
  • Serial Modbus communication

MS320 Closed-Loop Motor Speed Controller

  • Cost-effective solution for precise Master/Follower velocity control of 
  • AC and DC variable speed drives
  • Precise regulation of motor speed by controlling the speed reference signal to the variable speed drive
  • Compensates any variations between the actual operating speed set point and desired speed by automatically fine tuning the speed reference signal
  • Diagnostics for Easy Troubleshooting
  • 3 AC inputs: 
- 1 dedicated for Run/Stop 
- 2 programmable for user-defined functions 
  (set points, jog, scroll set point, stop, etc.,)
  • Option Cards: 
- 2 Relay outputs 
- 2 Analog inputs
- 2 additional AC inputs
  • 115 VAC standard, Optional 230VAC or 1~30 VDC
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