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5041 Series Land Distance Measuring Wheel

  • Specifically designed for rough and undulating terrain
  • Robust solid tyre fitted to spoked wheel
  • Metric or imperial reading counter available
  • 5 Digit Display
  • Adds forward subtracts in reverse
  • 3 Year Warranty

5000 Series Professional Road Measurer

  • Heavy Duty road measuring wheel of choice around the world 
  • Use in industries including construction, survey and civil services
  • Adds forward and Subtracts in reverse function
  • Easy-to-read 5 Digit display and folds down for easy transport
  • With built in stand and brake
  • 3 year guarantee

2600 Series Cable, Wire, Rope Measuring Machine

  • Multi-purpose measuring machine 
  • Measures lengths of cable, wire, rope, hose, extrusions or continuous strip from 6mm to 76mm diameter
  • Totalising counter fitted
  • Max Speed: 1500 metres/min
  • Certifications: REACH, WEEE & RoHS Documentation

3900 Series Fabric and Carpet Measurement Unit

  • Measures material up to 24mm (0.94in) thick
  • Optional encoder output
  • For manufacturing and processing of textiles, films, plastics and papers
  • Cut into length applications
  • Tracking of material lengths through processing

Heavy Duty Mechanical Length Measuring Unit

  • Ideal for continuous manufacturing of calendars, rolling, ribbon winding, textile machinery and almost all other continuous manufacturing processes
  • 6 digit 0.25” (6.4mm) Display
  • Measurement units in Imperial or metric
  • Max speed : 3,000 RPM
  • Model 2300: Measuring counter with hinged bracket and two wheels
  • Model 2401: Measuring counter with stand, stay rod, counter mounting bracket and one wheel
  • Model 2701: Measuring counter with stand, stay rod, counter mounting bracket and two wheels
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